"Henry’s still an enigma to me. How he can walk into a room and like… How do you even exist in that body, and still be humble? is a real mystery to me"

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Amy Adams

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Evan Rachel Wood and Amy Adams behind the scenes of Vanity Fair Pictures presents Killers Kill, Dead Men by Annie Leibovitz

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Day 03 – A movie that makes you really happy

Enchanted (2007)

When I think about happy movies, I obviously think about Disney. I grew up around Disney World, and all I can remember is watching Disney movies as a kid. I think Enchanted, even though it came out recently, is probably one of my favorites. It has everything Disney mixed up in one movie, and they made a fantastic choice of doing so.


Amy Adams at The MET Gala in New York City on May 2, 2011


Amy Adams - Marie Claire by Mark Abrahams, January 2011

Amy Adams as Lois Lane? I APPROVE! She & Henry Cavill are going to look stunning next to each other!

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Amy Adams Academy Awards 2011

Not what I was expected at all. First her hair looks better sleeker and I don’t like how covered up it is. Also reminds me of something Taylor Swift would wear. She still looks great though.


Amy Adams photographed by Max Vadukul


Anne Hathaway and Amy Adams behind the scenes of the 2008 Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue cover photo shoot

I don’t think I can handle this much greatness!


Amy Adams - Vanity Fair by Norman Jean Roy, 2007

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Amy Adams - SAG Awards, January 30th 2011

Amy does the very best magnificent ponytails & has the cutest profile ever!

She truly has a Disney Princess nose xo

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Amy Adams at the Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards, Jan 8th

Amy’s perfect profile.  Look at that ski-jump nose!

That hair! Look at that gorgeous hair.

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